Club Repeaters

STARS has 3 Repeaters located at the top of the Metro South Medical Center in Blue Island, IL.  We have the VHF, UHF, and also a 220Mhz repeater (KB9NTX). We also have an associated 220Mhz repeater (KB9EPL) located in Tinley Park, IL. Thanks to Rich and Dave for the 220Mhz systems.

The VHF repeater is located at 146.640 MHz with a standard 600 kHz negative offset and a PL access tone of 107.2 and         is accessible via Echolink using the callsign W9SRC-R with node ID 763923.

The UHF repeater is located at 442.675 MHz with a standard 5 MHz positive offset and a PL access tone of 131.8.                    This machine is a Yaesu DR-1X repeater and is C4FM capable (Local Only at this time).

The 220 MHz repeater frequencies are 224.300 MHz at Metro South and 224.480 Mhz in Tinley Park both have a standard 1.6 MHz negative offset and PL access tone of 110.9.

Please see the Nets page for our weekly nets that are held on the STARS repeaters.

Pictured above: Tom (KA9ZXN) working on the repeater antennas on the roof of the Metro South Medical Center.